Why A Business Needs A Website

why-your-business-needs-a-website1If you’ve ever asked yourself why a business needs a website, well it’s really for the same reason that a restaurant needs an actual building to run out of.  They can’t very well cook food and serve customers in a parking lot with no roof and no kitchen.


Your Business Needs A Home on the Web

Your business web site is sort of the same.  You need to have a place that feels like home to your customers and where they can purchase what you have to offer.  By the way, just having a Facebook page isn’t enough.  The reason for this is because people just aren’t going to take you seriously if that’s what you have up and running as your main business.  What happens when Facebook crumbles apart one day?  You’d be left with nothing.  You need a place that is a central location for all that you have to offer.

website-636x494As a musician, I learned this long ago.  But it really doesn’t matter what it is you’re selling.  Whether you’re a chef, an author, a workout freak, a painter, a film maker, or an astronaut, if you have something to sell people, you need a web site.


You Need People Who Can FIND Your Site On the Web

But it’s not enough to just have a web site sitting there in cyberspace hoping for customers to show up and buy your stuff.  That’s like setting up a restaurant in the middle of the desert where no one would ever find it.

I have been a part of an amazing community called Wealthy Affiliate, which has literally taught me how to set up a web site from scratch, and taught me step by step how to get super targeted customers for my business.  I joined them because, miraculously, they offer all this for free, and I haven’t found anywhere else on the net that does that.  You can learn more about them here if you like.


Do This Right = You Can Make A Living Online

If you’re asking yourself why a business needs a website, it’s because you need a home for what you’re going to sell.  Almost the entire world is on the internet, and if you can capture even a tiny fraction of the world to become your customers, you could literally make a full web-design-mobile-InfoGtime living off your web site alone.  Of course, you need the right guidance to make it happen, which is why I mention WA above.  I hope this article was helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  Thanks!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Why A Business Needs A Website

  1. Hi there. I am looking at opportunities to make money from home and doing some looking around at the moment. I have found your information here really useful. Thanks


    1. Hey there Chris – thank you for the comment. I’m glad you found my post to be valuable and I hope this site helps steer you in the right direction.

  2. I absolutely agree about Wealthy Affiliate being a community. I have never been associated with a group of people like it! And I agree a website is critical for any business to succeed.

    1. Hey Jared – I’m glad you see the value in it. I really think WA is the last place I will need to go in order to find success in this online business world. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi Admin (You might want to let us know who you are)
    I agree with the earlier comments about WA. I think I’ve turned a corner here.
    Good luck!!

    1. Hey Peter – I’m glad to hear that. I definitely turned a corner when I discovered WA. I only get frustrated knowing that I wasn’t aware of them before.

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