What Is Facebook Jail?

Facebook jail affects so many affiliate marketers online every single day, I have just gotten used to landing in there.  What is Facebook Jail?  Well, it’s the place we end up for pissing Facebook off.  The way we piss off Facebook is by just doing the work that we do by
promoting the products that we promote.

what is facebook jail

How Do You Land in Facebook Jail?


I guess it’s pretty unfortunate to be an affiliate marketer in a world where most people think anything related to working online is a scam.  In my personal experience, I’ve landed in Facebook Jail just from promoting Project Payday into FB groups.  Every affiliate marketer and his mother promotes biz opps into internet marketing Facebook Groups, but if you’re not careful with the way that you post or word your ads, Facebook will block you from performing certain activities on Facebook for a few weeks up to a month.  It really depends on what you did and how you did it.

If you’re an internet marketer, Facebook Jail will restrict you from joining or posting into groups for a specific period of time.  When this first happened to me, I was totally bummed out, cause I was making some really nice money with my Project Payday ads.

restricted from posting into groups


How to Avoid Facebook Jail


I haven’t learned how to avoid facebook jail completely, but I have learned a few things you can do better your chances of staying out.

  • If you’re using an auto poster, you should make sure that it has the ability to do syntax spinning.  This means that the wording of your ads should change up every group that you post into.  Facebook doesn’t like seeing you post the exact same ad into every single group.  This is the auto poster I use, which makes life a ton easier.
  • Make sure to change up your links each time you post into groups.  If you are doing affiliate marketing into Facebook groups, then you are probably promoting a link.  You should have a link shortener change them up so that they switch up from group to group.  The poster I mention above does that for me as well.
  • Don’t post like a maniac.  I mean don’t post into one group and then post into another group immediately afterwards.  You should give at least 30 – 60 seconds of time before posting into the next group.  If you’re using a poster, it should have the option to automatically do that for you.
  • This one is the most important in my opinion.  BE HONEST as a marketer.  You will fall into the trap of blending in with everyone else if you just get all hypey and spammy sounding by saying you’ve found the next big thing since sliced bread.  The reason I promote Project Payday into groups is because it pays me nice money to do so, but PPD is also an honest company that I feel good about promoting.  They aren’t the next big thing and they don’t really have much to prove.  They’re free to join and they’ve been helping people earn an income online for many years.  I don’t believe in promoting some random opp just to make money.  If you don’t believe in something, don’t promote it.

notice of facebook feature restrictions
If you’re an affiliate marketer, I suggest not relying on Facebook groups for your income.  They do help, but there are so many marketers doing their work in there, that it’s easy to just get lost in the crowd.  Plus, you never know when you’ll land in Facebook Jail again.  I do use it sporadically as one of my tools to earn an income online.  I hope this article gave you a bit of insight into what Facebook Jail actually is.  Please let me know if you have any questions in the section below and I’d be happy to answer them.

4 thoughts on “What Is Facebook Jail?

  1. I can see why they would see many of the same posts as being spam. I guess one should avoid auto-posters and make the post relevant to each group. I would think it would get a better response that way.

    1. Hi Les – thank you for your comment. You don’t need to necessarily avoid auto posters, but you SHOULD make sure that your posts are human and read honestly. An autoposter will speed up the process, but you definitely need to have your own personal touch in your ads, which is why I tell people to please not be hypey and spammy sounding. Otherwise they just fall into the crowd of marketers all promoting the next big thing – and all those posts just look like spam.

    1. Hi Jared – a lot of people probably haven’t heard of it yet cause it’s a pretty new term. But in affiliate marketing, most internet marketers know what it is, cause most of us have landed in there at some point or another. Thank you for your comment.

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