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There are many Project Payday testimonials on the internet, and I decided to post 4 of them below.  People want to know if you can really make money with Project Payday, and the answer is yes.  I make enough money with them to pay off my rent and bills, and that alone is something to be grateful for.

Does Project Payday Really WorkExcept for one person, all the testimonials below are from people I personally know.  You will notice that each person earns a different amount of money with Project Payday.  I hope these videos make it clear to you that PPD is not a get rich quick kind of thing.  It is an actual company that works hard to maintain its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They teach people honest ways to make money online.  So, here are some Project Payday testimonials:


Chris is the guy who introduced me to Project Payday in the first place.  I mean, I had heard of Project Payday years ago, but I didn’t really understand how people were earning over $4,000 monthly with it.  He has since become a great friend of mine.  He has a wife and 7 kids and he supports his entire family from the income he makes with Project Payday.  I believe he is one of the pioneers of using Facebook groups to make money online.  He taught me his method and, although it has become saturated, it still works well for me.

PPD Chris Trammel




I haven’t known Lance very long, but from the various conversations we’ve had, I know he’s a good guy.  He happens to be a very successful online marketer outside of Project Payday as well.  He chose to partake in the Project Payday referral program because he saw just what a great opportunity it is to earn an income.  He pulls in anywhere between $10,000 and $13,000 per month using Project Payday alone.  I know that may sound like an astronomical amount of money to many people, but the truth is, when you understand targeted traffic, earnings like those are realistic.  His primary method of promotion is Craigslist, and he has given me great advice on that alone.  My main method of promoting Project Payday is currently through Craigslist, but I am now mastering SEO to eventually make that my main source of income.

PPD Lance Locke



Justin gave me some tips when I just started working Project Payday.  He told me that Craigslist and blogging are his two main sources of income.  When I first spoke to him, he was earning a little over $2,000 per month with the referral program, but this video testimonial was shot months later.  I believe at the time of this video, he surpassed that amount.  Justin was working in a restaurant, and eventually he was earning enough online to switch over and work full time on the internet full time.

PPD Justin Hulsey




I’ve never met Joe, but his testimonial of Project Payday reflects the main methods you can use to earn an income with the company.  The previous reviews show you what you can earn with the Project Payday referral program (which is how I personally earn my income).  This testimonial will give you a little bit of a perspective of what you can expect if you’re brand new to this business and have never made a penny online.

PPD Dude





Brenda has also helped me a ton to learn about the importance of being ethical when working online.  There’s nothing more annoying than a spammer who ruins this industry for everyone else.  If you do your work honestly, you will make money.  You don’t need to desperately post links all over the internet to make money online.  This video isn’t so much a testimonial as it is an honest company overview to help you understand what Project Payday is.  You can also read a review of the company here.

Project Payday referral program 6

I hope these testimonials helped you get a better understanding of Project Payday and how money is earned with them.  Please leave any questions or commons you have below, and I’d be happy to answer them for you.  Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Project Payday Testimonials

    1. Hey Jared – thanks. They’re definitely worth checking out, depending on what your goals are of course. But if you are looking for a way to earn some extra money online, then yes, I’d absolutely recommend taking a look at them.

    1. Hi Oliver, I can definitely understand skepticism, especially in this industry. What are you skeptical about with Project Payday? They’re actually one of the few companies I know of in the work from home world that is recognized by the Better Business Bureau. As far as my earnings go, I have earned $100 days with Project Payday, and I have earned $0 days, and I’ve had all kinds of earnings in between. My goal with PPD alone is to ultimately be at $4,000 per month, and that is outside my other online ventures.

  1. Hi Paul! I like it how you combined textual content with visual content in this article. I’ve come across something similar before via YouTube. The question I’d have would be about taxes and all that since I don’t live in the USA.

    1. Hi Muriel – yeah there are a lot of PPD videos on YouTube as well I believe. As far as taxes go, Project Payday requires that we complete a w-9 form once we have earned $600 with the company. Hopefully that helps but if you need further clarification, just let me know and I can look into it more for you.

    1. Hey Amanda – that’s one thing that draws most people to Project Payday, is that you don’t have to pay to get started. You have the option of paying a one time $34 fee to join, but I would strongly advise NOT to do this, because you can easily create a free account simply by completing one free sponsor offer on their site. That’s what most people do and that is how I created my account as well.

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