Consistency Is Success

consistency is successConsistency is success and true with just about anything in life.  If you have the drive to stay consistent in anything you’re doing, you will succeed.  But man, that drive needs to be strong.

Without Determination, You Won’t Get Far

If you want to get into the best shape of your life, you have to work out and eat the right foods regularly.  There is absolutely no other way to getting there.  The people who are able to transform their bodies have the determination to make it happen.  That determination requires consistency.

Working online is no different.  You need to really be serious about your success.  If you quit, or if you move onto another biz opp when you’re currently already working on one, you’re pretty much abandoning consistency and setting yourself up for failure.  You need to TRUST that a method will work, even when you don’t see results right away.


Resist All Temptation

The money I have earned online happened because I chose to be consistent and follow through with a plan of action every single day.  It’s really easy for me to lose focus, so if I find something that I feel will truly help me to reach my money making goals, I go with it, and I don’t get all excited by some new big and fancy biz opp.

consistency is successThere are a million deals out there that claim you will become rich overnight, and they WILL tempt you, I promise.  But you need to stay true to what you’re currently doing, and do ONLY that.  Forget all the biz opps people throw in your face to seduce you.  They are usually programs that are here today and gone tomorrow.  I personally want long term success in this business and not random explosions of money.


Find What You Like.  Stick With It…and NOTHING Else

When I found the community at Wealthy Affiliate, I chose to stay with them, and ONLY them.  I realized that they were the only thing I actually needed to make a full time living online.   I STILL get bombarded on a daily basis with the next big thing.  And every next big thing looks amazing, but trust me, it’s not worth it.  I just stay consistent and focused with what I’m doing.

Stick to a plan and follow it daily.  If you find a company or opportunity you feel is amazing, stick with whatever training they give you just like I have with WA.  Don’t get sidetracked or swept away by other biz opps.  Working online is like watering a plant.  You need to do it daily and you need to trust that it will grow.  Too many people give up right when they were about to have success.  If you’ve got the drive to stay consistent, you can absolutely make this happen for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Consistency Is Success

  1. thank you for this advice that you posted here it is really true many people think that maybe working on internet it is different and the money will keep flowing if they have a website …..great post

  2. Hello.

    Great advice! I have a real problem with motivation and staying focussed and I can all too easily get sidetracked.

    Like you, I am also with Wealthy Affiliate and I have found it has really helped me to stay on track and remain keen. Every day I look forward to the training and the work involved in creating my websites, and there’s always someone there to help 24/7. Brilliant!

    All the best. Peter

    1. Hey Peter, I couldn’t agree with you more – with what you say about Wealthy Affiliate. That’s exactly what I feel too. I mean, I have a major problem with staying focused, and these guys literally put together something for us to stay on track at all times. It has been so incredibly helpful for me. And I agree, the 24/7 support rocks. I love that I can ask a question at 3 a.m. and get a response within minutes. I shouldn’t be awake at 3am anyway!

  3. Very interesting article and great piece of advice. We must be consistent, we must persevere if we want to achieve our personal and financial goals. Giving up sounds and feels really easy to do sometimes…but the price we later pay for doing it is huge! I agree with you, consistency is the key for success. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Hilda. Perseverance is huge and you’re right, giving up does sound easy now, but we will pay huge for it later. If we can just be patient and stick in the game, all the rewards will come for years and years down the road.

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