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The Project Payday referral program has literally been paying my bills for the last several months.  When you become a member and activate your account, you have the option of going through the company’s trainings, which teach three methods of earning money online.  The trainings are especially helpful for newbies who have never made money on the internet before, and I’d strongly suggest anyone who is a rookie to this industry to explore those trainings in detail.  If you don’t know much about Project Payday, click here for a detailed review on it.


Project Payday’s Referral Program

The Project Payday referral program, on the other hand, is not something the company actively promotes on their site.  But when you do activate your account, you will see a little tab in your back office that explains the referral program and how you can make money with it.  This referral program is said to be one of the best in the industry.

Project Payday referral program


It’s Easy To Refer People Since It’s Free To Join

Since Project Payday is free to join, many people are more than willing to enter their

Project Payday referral program 4information to learn more about the company and how they can make money with them.  As you can see in the image, it’s a pretty short application that people need to fill out.  For every person who completes this application, you earn a nice commission.



 Earn $1.50 or $2 Per Email You Collect.  This Adds Up!

For every person who creates a quick profile under your referral link as you can see in the image above (which takes less than

Project Payday referral program 210 seconds to do), you earn $1.50.  A lot of people don’t know this, but you can actually earn $2 for every person who creates a profile under your referral link.  When you join Project Payday, you must complete 1 sponsor offer to activate your account for free.  That also sets you up to earn $1.50 per email address you collect.  But if you complete 2 sponsor offers when first activating your account, you will automatically earn $2 per person you refer to Project Payday.  If you promote it right, you can easily earn $100 per day with this.

If you want to understand this process better, this video explains it in detail.  I’m actually good friends with this fella in the video, and he has supported his entire family with Project Payday’s referral program.  Check it out here.

Project Payday referral program 3

Hopefully I’m not leaving anything out here.  There really isn’t too much more to it than that.  There are various ways to make money with Project Payday’s referral program, and I actually have access to a great training I would be happy to send over to you if you’d like.  Leave any questions or comments below and I will make sure to get back to you promptly.  Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Project Payday Referral Program

  1. Good Information about Project Payday. I am always looking for Ideas to make extra income online and since I have been following you I know I can count on you to give me real ways to make money from home. You have always came through with your suggestions. Thanks for sharing and your honesty!

    1. Hi Angela – I do appreciate that very much. I will continue to post Project Payday related articles on this site to help people learn how they can promote it and make the most out of their memberships. This blog was originally going to be about general tips on making money online, but I came to realize that Project Payday has become such a big part of my life and my finances, that I couldn’t allow this blog to exist without a section dedicated entirely to it alone. I appreciate your kind words!

    1. Yeah – actually they were my main source of income for several months until I started exploring new territory. They really are a great program and if you are already making money with them now, then you’re well on your way to bigger and better things in the online world as well. There is soooo much out there. Congrats on your success!

  2. Hi, does Project Payday check the source of referrals to prevent incentivized referrals? I e-mailed them, and they said they do not allow incentivized referrals, but I was wondering if they know where the traffic is coming from. If not, could make some good money with this. Hope you are able to offer a response — that would be very helpful

    1. Hi there Christa – they’re pretty lenient on how you promote them from my own experience. I know the affiliate manager of PPD pretty well, and I can tell you that as long as your leads are converting – meaning, a good chunk of them are completing the free trial offers when they sign up, then they aren’t really sticklers as to how you promote. I’ve promoted them everywhere from Facebook Groups to Instagram and Craigslist and PPC. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck with it!

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