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How To Win Friends And Influence People Audio

If you’re serious about success in ANY area of your life, then I strongly suggest you take a good listen to the How to Win Friends and Influence People audio right here.  I know it’s a general statement to say this book will help you find success in any area of your life, but I truly believe this book has been a pivotal part of my success as an online marketer and has helped me in countless other areas as well.


Priceless Book – Cheesy Title


Yes, How to Win Friends and Influence People is a cheesy title, but I believe the book is pure how to win friends and influence people audiogold.  Written way back in 1936, every single bit of advice in the book still holds true today.  It’s widely regarded as one of the most important and influential business book ever written.  The funny thing is the book isn’t about business at all.  It’s about human
interaction.  It’s centered around the basic needs of human beings.  What is it we need?  We need love, food, shelter, and a burning desire to feel appreciated in this world among other things.


Step Outside Of Yourself For One Second


All of us are concerned with what it is we want out of life.  Every one of us has different aspirations, goals, and dreams.  We all need to prove in our own ways that we’re important and that we matter in this world.  When relationships go wrong, jobs are lost, or arguments arise, it’s usually because we’ve broken one of the golden principles in this book.  We’ve become so wrapped up in our own needs and wants that we lost touch with the world outside of us.

Seeing-through-your-eyes-copySee, the real value in How to Win Friends and Influence People comes from learning how to truly experience and understand the world from OTHER people’s perspectives.  It takes more effort on your part but will pay off in endless rewards.  If we really take the time to truly listen to others’ needs and aspirations, we’ll almost certainly find success.  But far too often, we’re much more concerned with what we want and our ears are only partially open to what others are communicating to us.

Why Most People Fail in Relationships


Well, it’s no wonder most online marketers fail.  I see it every single day when I’m on Facebook.  Someone sends me a message pitching me their deal.  They don’t take a Pushy-Marketers-eCardmoment to ask me a single question about myself or what I might want.  They just say it’s the best opportunity for me, and to join them.  Why on earth would I join some random person in a biz opp who didn’t even take the time to learn a single thing about me?


A Book That Doesn’t Preach.  It Entertains.


One of my favorite things about How Win Friends and Influence People is that it never preaching-to-the-paganspreaches.  I can’t STAND books that tell you how you’re supposed to live your life.  I want to live my life how I want to live it!  What makes this book so special is that it simply demonstrates examples from across history of various figures, from Al Capone to Abraham
Lincoln and countless famous person in between.  You’ll read stories from random construction workers, housewives, children, and aliens.  Actually, I don’t think there are any aliens in the book, but maybe an updated copy will have some aliens in it.


What Do Abraham Lincoln & Al Capone Have In Common?


Rather than preach, the book simply shares specific scenarios.  How did Abraham Lincoln alcapone1Abe Lincolnmake incredibly important decisions during the Civil War that would risk thousands of lives?  Why did some random guy with no college education get hired at a prestigious job when the other dude with more experience and a masters degree fail miserably?  How on Earth did a father finally get his 5 year old son to magically stop wetting his bed?  Was Al Capone really just a cold blooded killer with no heart, or was there something more to him we just refused to see?


Take It To Heart And It Will Improve Your Life


All the answers are in the book.  Believe me, it’s an interesting read, and it will make you start analyzing every single thing you do.  It will make you alter the way you interact with others.  Most importantly, if you take How to Win Friends Influence People to heart, you’ll start to see an improvement in your life overall.  I can almost guarantee it.  Just do a Google search on the topic if you don’t know much about the book and you’ll see just how many people’s lives it has changed.

TakeHeart_WebHeaderWhen I started making money online successfully and consistently, I was following the principles in the book.  When my relationships with others improved, I was following the principles in the book.  When any good has come into my life, it’s almost always because I’m following the principles in the book.


Destroy The Book


If you’ve gotten this far, and are seriously thinking of reading it, I’d suggest getting a PDF copy, which you can get here.  Otherwise, just buy it at the bookstore for a few bucks.  The reason I mention this is because the intro of the book gives you some specific guidelines to follow as you read.  One of them is to destroy the book with a highlighter.  That may sound oscars-burned-book2nuts, but trust me, it will help you.  You can’t really destroy an audio, but here’s the How to Win Friends and Influence People audio once again.

Hope this blog entry was helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!  Thanks!